Conquer Your Goals: The Power of Resilience to Achieve Your Objectives

After achieving a goal that we've worked towards for a long time, it's important to maintain the rhythm and motivation for the next goals

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How to stay motivated after the first few months?

After an enthusiastic start, many runners face a common struggle: staying motivated after the first couple of months. As the initial excitement wears off and new obstacles begin to appear, it’s important to find new ways to stay motivated.

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The ABC to eat balanced

Eating a balanced diet is essential for good health and nutrition, especially when it comes to a diet plan for runners, since its composition must have the necessary amounts of nutrients to satisfy the training load.

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How can I develop a new habit?

Learning a new hobby, creating more time with our loved ones, or starting to exercise, especially the last one it can be a bit of a burden if we haven't been physically active in a long time.

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In which sports can running help me?

Running is one of the most popular physical activities in the world, it is a way to stay fit and healthy, but it is also a passion for those who make this discipline part of their lives to achieve goals in races and marathons.

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How can fartlek help me in my training?

Hen we start our career as runners, it is necessary to learn about the different types of training that exist and how it can help us to have more speed, resistance or strength.

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What does it mean to be a runner? Bimbo Global Race, a community that grows

Being a runner encourages discipline and perseverance. To progress and achieve personal goals it is necessary to establish a training routine and maintain it over time.

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