Maximize your performance with stretching: 5 crucial pre- and post-running exercises

Running, more than just a physical activity, has become a lifestyle for many people, whether they run individually or as a team. The combination of endurance, strength and cardiovascular endurance makes running a complete workout, but what about the importance of stretching before and after running?

Pre-run warm-ups and stretching are necessary to avoid injury and can make all the difference in performance and overall well-being. Before diving into specific exercises, it is essential to practice dynamic stretches, those that involve controlled and gradual movements, prior to exercise. Static stretches are those where you hold a position and are considered the most beneficial also at the end of a workout. These methods improve flexibility, reduce the risk of injury and contribute to optimal muscle performance.

Dynamic stretching for warm-up

Knee lift with hip rotation:

- Starting position: standing with feet shoulder width apart.

-Movement: raise one knee toward the chest while rotating the hip in the opposite direction.

- Benefits: improves hip mobility and stretches leg muscles.

Arm circles:

- Starting position: standing with arms out to the sides.

- Movement: perform clockwise and counterclockwise arm circles.

-Benefits: increases blood circulation in the shoulders and improves flexibility of the arm muscles.

Static stretches for recovery

Seated hamstring stretch:

- Starting position: sit with your legs extended in front of you.

- Movement: lean forward, trying to touch your toes.

- Benefits: stretches the muscles in the back of the legs, improving flexibility and reducing tension.

Back Twisting Stretch:

- Starting position: lying on your back with knees bent.

- Movement: bring the knees to the side, keeping the shoulders on the floor.

- Benefits: relieves tension in the back and improves spinal mobility.

Wall Calf Stretch:

- Starting position: stand in front of a wall, with your hands resting on the wall.

- Movement: extend one leg backward and bend the other leg forward.

- Benefits: stretches the calf, reducing tightness after running.

After completing your run, it is crucial to perform specific stretches to reduce muscle stiffness and promote recovery. Remember that in addition to your regular training, you can also be part of the Bimbo Global Race community of runners and download the App on iOS or Android to map out your goals and meet more people who, like you, are looking to surpass their goals and reach new achievements.